Meet The Team

Caly Behymer


Randy Behymer


Randy and Caly Behymer are avid RV travelers, hikers, and photographers. They have been RV’ing together for years, visiting states and many countries of the world. Their love of RV travel and documenting that travel to share with others turned into creating RV Destinations Magazine. 

They have a successful financial planning practice and have been in the financial services industry since the early ’90s. Photography has always been a creative outlet for them eventually leading them to open a photography business.

Randy and Caly are from a small rural town in Kentucky. There they live with two dogs and a cat. Two Boxers, Bella and Zoe, and Gus the cat. Randy has three children from a previous marriage that has blessed them both with several grandkids.

When not in their stationary home, they can be found traveling the United States and Canada in their second home, their 2018 Winnebago Journey, and documenting their adventures through word and camera lens.

Their wish for their readers? “We created RV Destinations Magazine for the traveler and adventurer. For those who want to explore new places and revisit the familiar with a new eye. We designed this magazine to make our readers want to get out, explore and memorialize the world around them, with tips on places to see, things to do, and tricks for photographing it the best.”

Maria Witte

Lead Editor

Maria Witte is a lifelong Kentucky native who graduated from Northern Kentucky University many moons ago. A former managing editor for Writer’s Digest Magazine, she is now a freelance editor living in Union, Kentucky, with her husband and three kids. Maria and her family enjoy traveling, especially for baseball games, football games, concerts, and to take in the local scenery. Avid Cincinnati Reds fans, the family hopes to watch the team play in all the stadiums in the US.

Colin Daugherty

Art Director

Colin is passionate about art and design. He holds degrees from Morehead State and Northern Kentucky Universities. In his free time, you can find him at his local bowling alley or, in the summer, out on the water boating with friends. He’s been traveling around the US his whole life and has recently been working on filling the empty pages in his passport. “The open road is a blank canvas. Every mile a brush stroke. Every stop, a color on the pallet. The destination is only part of something that is only finished when you pull into your driveway after the journey.”

Marsha Henderson

Marketing Director

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Marsha grew up RVing and camping and has a passion for outdoor activities.  Marsha now resides in Tampa, Florida with her two sons and can enjoy the great outdoors all year long.  Whether on a beach, exploring one of Florida’s many nature preserves or enjoying a sunset, you can be sure to find her outdoors!

Agata Wisniowska


Agata Wisniowska, her husband, Marcin, and their 2 dogs, have been traveling full-time in their RV since Dec. 2019. They were recently joined by their now toddler Tomas in May after taking a year off from RVing after his birth. They are committed to helping you learn about destinations in Canada with an enriched look at history and local cultures. You can follow them on Instagram or YouTube at @wenowrv

Lindsay McKenzie


Lindsay McKenzie took a life detour in 2016 and traveled full-time for over two years in her RV with her husband and two dogs. They went all over the country and even into Canada and Mexico! Now as a mom with a home base in Colorado, she spends most of her summers out camping in their RV and her winters dreaming and planning those adventures. Having the opportunity to share her love of RVing with others, but especially her son, has made it that much more special. You can usually find her on the river fly-fishing, hiking to sunset spots, or at a local brewery.

Anne Klump


Anne Klump, her husband, Brian, and their dog, Skipper, have been traveling full-time in their Class A motor home since April 2019. They share their adventures, including their experiences of local culture through food and beverage, home cooking, and RV travels on Instagram @ontheroadofadventure and on Facebook. Or visit their blog:

Peggy Dent


Peggy is an author, writer, and full-time RVer, currently traveling in the US and Canada. She’s driven a motor home more than130,000 miles and learned the secrets, delights, and pitfalls of RVing through her own experiences. She shares her knowledge and insights in numerous RV industry publications. You can contact her through her website at

Sandi Barrett


Whether she is leaving on a jet plane or road tripping across the country, Sandi loves to visit destinations that offer cool and interesting activities, fabulous culinary creations, and fun libations. Semi-retired from a long career in marketing, Sandi is making the most of her boomer traveling, go-go years, with a goal to visit as many places as possible. Having 35 states and territories, 26 countries, and a grand collection of national and state parks in her travel log; her current goal is to visit all 50 states in the next 5 years.

Tessa Miller


Tessa Miller and her husband, Philip, are endlessly curious travelers who have been on the road for at least six out of every twelve months since 2013. They love RV’ing as a way to enjoy all the comforts of home while visiting unique places and seeing amazing sights in their Fleetwood Southwind 34C, called “Elsie.”

Follow them on Instagram @charmingrvadventures or subscribe to their travel blog:

Sarah McGraw


Sarah McGraw is an outdoor adventure seeker, mountain admirer, hiking addict, part-time van-lifer, country music jammer, fruit addict, photo snatcher, cactus lover, backpacking fanatic, fly-fishing enthusiast, and sunset chaser. She’s traveled far and wide in her van and spends most nights seeking out remote boon docking camp sites. Follow her adventures on IG @Sarah_mcgraw_explores

Vanessa Russell


Scott, Vanessa, and their 13-year-old daughter have RV traveled full-time for 7 years. They provide tips on RVing, travel destinations, and the full-time RV lifestyle at and on Instagram @theadventuredetour. Reach out to them and say hi!

Whitney O'Halek


Whitney O’Halek is a travel writer, author, and blogger currently living in the D.C. area. She started traveling in 2006 and basically never unpacked. Her husband is her favorite travel companion, but she’s not afraid to go solo.

You can follow her journey on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest @quickwhittravel.

Visit her website for more.

Carrie Hanrahan


Carrie Hanrahan is a travel and landscape photographer with a passion to inspire others to explore amazing places through her images and writing. As a frequent traveler, she is able to find the hidden gems among the more visited destinations and loves writing about both.

Visit her at to see her images, follow her blog or look for stock photography

Robb and Lori Good


Robb and Lori Good have loved traveling for most of their adult life. They are semi-retired and enjoy RVing with their two dogs.

Lori’s love of photography is always spreading their wings and taking them to new destinations and adventures. They view each city as a big scavenger hunt and love finding the perfect photo.

Pamela Hunt


Pamela Hunt is a freelance writer and editor in Burlington, Vermont. She lives to travel, whether in her camper van with her two dogs or further afield, to places where she can practice a new language, sample the local cuisine, and learn something new every day.

Gwendolyn Call


Gwendolyn, her husband Brittan and 3 kiddos full time travel in their RV along with their 2 pups! They love to share tips and tricks on how to live the full time RV life, road school, and find awesome off the beaten path locations, all while keeping their sanity and having fun! Gwendolyn’s love of exploring amazing hiking locations for families, chasing sunsets and waterfalls and her love of photography have made rv life a dream come true to share! 

You can follow along their journey on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


Or drop by their blog:

Kristy Fouts


In 2019, Kristy hit the road with Willa, her shiny Airstream Trailer.  With her adventurous pup and Sony camera by her side, she has documented the journey on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media accounts. @WillaWanders is an outdoor travel account that features a mix of conservation education and inspiration for scenic recreation. Posts include a mix of nature and lifestyle photography, State/National Park information, travel and tourism itineraries, wildlife photography, and recreational product reviews. Information about sustainability and conservation is woven into posts, with the goal of encouraging followers to “Leave No Trace” in nature.

Follow along to see where Willa wanders next…

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