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With your 30-Day FREE trial subscription, you can enjoy the current issue and any other issues released during the 30-day free trial period. When your FREE trial ends, your subscription will automatically begin, and we’ll charge your card on file the annual subscription price. We think you will absolutely love RVD but, if for some reason you don’t, you can cancel the subscription any time prior to the 30-day trial ending and your card will not be charged.

RV Destinations Magazine is a digital only magazine so sadly, sitting by the mailbox will not be a fruitful task. We stay digital for several reasons. One, entirely too many trees get chopped down every year for paper products and we don’t want to contribute to those numbers.

Two, we want to deliver as much content as possible to our subscribers in the most affordable way. Each issue of RV Destinations Magazine is anywhere from 150-300 pages, jam packed with stunning images and great write-ups. To try to deliver that much content to our subscribers in a paper format we would have to charge well over $100 a year for a subscription. Ouch!

And lastly, most everyone has a smart phone, tablet, or computer. This means you can access all the great content that RV Destinations Magazine offers on whatever device you choose so you can have RVD at your fingertips, wherever you may roam!

First, you need to register. If you haven’t registered, check out the next FAQ below.

There are two ways to access your subscription – through your computer or through the RV Destinations Magazine App.

On your computer:

On the RVD App:

  • In the App Store or Google Play, search for the RV Destinations Magazine App
  • Download the app
  • Once downloaded, click on “Profile” and login. All the magazines that you are entitled to can now be accessed.

Even if you have subscribed, you MUST register to access the magazine. If you don’t register, you don’t get to see all the cool stuff the magazine has to offer.

1. Tap this link to open the magazine:

2. Enter your email address (****Important****make sure you use the email address you used when you purchased the magazine) and create a password. Then tap on Register.

3. Go to your library to access your issues.

RV Destinations Magazine releases 6 standard issues each year. We also have a special edition, “Campground Notables” that is released every October. We may, from time to time, release other special editions if the mood strikes us. If you are a subscriber, you will receive all future special editions if your subscription is active.

Go to this link:

There you can choose between the many different subscription options or purchase individual back issues.

We work just like any other digital or print magazine. When you subscribe to RV Destinations magazine, you receive the current issue and any other issues released over the next year.

With all this said, however, you can purchase all back issues by going here:

Click here to learn how to download issues for offline reading on your app!

Click here to learn how to download issues for offline reading on your computer!

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